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Shipping Time

Each received order is immediately taken over at our warehouse and managed and checked within the next 16 hours and will be shipped within 48 hours of the order date. Any delays will be communicated by phone or email from our employee.
The goods will then be entrusted to one of our logistic partners who will deliver it to the address provided in the next 24/72 hours
If you decide to pay in Bank Transfer Before shipping the items we will have to wait for the payment to arrive

Shipping Cost

Shipping costs are free of charge over a certain spending threshold that varies from country to country, you can check this threshold in your shopping cart.


Green Project

The GREEN PROGECT OF PESCI Camping Store was born in 2010 is a process aimed at achieving goals of environmental, economic and social improvement.

Every new process or procedure is developed taking into account the environment, the satisfaction of its employees, customers and stakeholders.

Let's take an example: The packaging that contains the purchased products, included adhesive tape, is part of the GREEN PROJECT.
Since 2010, PESCI Camping Store has committed itself to recycling every type of packaging, using "friend of nature" adhesive tape and recycle the filler for certain products where this is necessary.

The purpose? Help our little what we love the most: THE NATURE

What do we ask for? Do not mind what's written in the box, most likely this does not contain what's written out on the box. Check inside if what's there and what you ordered, if you have any problems contact us.

A little gesture at the reach of everyone.


Web contacts


  • For any request, assistance is provided via e-mail, click here to access the service form

  • Fax: +39 055 204 90 16