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In PESCI, we know the importance of ensuring the highest satisfaction of those who, like us, are a camping and outdoor enthusiast. We therefore strive to ensure the highest quality through a critical and accurate analysis of the products we propose.
Whether you are new or you are a camping and outdoor veteran, we are very pleased to share with you the enthusiasm that accompanies us for our products and true contact with nature.

PESCI was born in 1965 in Florence, becoming today the leader in the sale of camping goods and reference point with over 10,000 products.

  • In 2010, in order to meet the needs of outdoor campers and lovers, PESCI creates its exclusive line of products

  • In 2014 the opening of the new LUCCA sales department.

  • In 2017 opening of the new italian website.

  • In 2017 the opening of the international site:

  • No matter how much we grow, our roots will remain firmly in the campsite and outdoors. Our passion is and will remain certain, whether you go into our shop, or you phone us, whether you browse our catalog or visit

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