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  • Customer at the center: The Customer expectations and its needs are our landmark for all activity.

  • Continuous improvement of the process efficiency: Programming and implementation of actions for the continuous improvement of processes are the basic tool to increase the level of satisfaction of all stakeholders ( customers, employees, Society, partner)

  • Correct: It is only through a correct and complete behavior that we can instill confidence in the market; We want our line of conduct not only to invest in relationships with the market, but above all those that daily characterize our work environment. It is the correctness that allows us to create a collaborative climate between employees.

  • JOINING PERSONNEL, TEAM SPIRIT: We are convinced that having a multiplicity of people with the most diverse characteristics can be a source of mutual enrichment. Only by working together we can make this wealth a key to success. Each employee then makes it available to the workgroup where he works his own technical and human skills to improve not only his position, but above all the result of his team and the whole company.

  • EXPLANATORY STATEMENT: From this climate of mutual collaboration, every subject belonging to our team can draw the right motivation to be able to achieve excellent results both in terms of professional growth and customer satisfaction.

  • CONSTANT INNOVATION: Since often the best solution to meet customers is the one that has not been invented yet, we have a positive attitude towards interesting initiatives and new ideas: every activity needs to be tackled with a critical spirit, aware of being constantly improving, available And open to the diversification of their professional experiences.

  • COMMITMENT: It is the constant commitment that characterizes our business to allow us to compare with the best companies in the industry and beyond.

  • ETHICAL CODE: It has been worked out to ensure that the fundamental ethical values in PESCI. Are clearly defined and constitute the basic element of corporate culture as well as the standard of behavior of all Group employees in the conduct of business and, in general, of their business.

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    • Fax: +39 055 204 90 16