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The name PESCI comes from the surname of the creator and founder ENZO PESCI.
Everything goes back to the beginning of the 1950s when ENZO starts selling through the system brings a whole host of articles. Immediately after the war, families came out from periods of hardship and thanks to a particularly innovative sales system, ENZO was able to provide innovative products, which in an important and big city such as FLORENCE were not present. Cameras, Optical Products, Clothing, Camping Products, and more.
ENZO was always around in Italy, France and Germany to look for new producers and products to sell directly to families in Florence
At the beginning of the 1960s he met FOSCO ANDORLINI. There was a great friendship with him now, and with him he decided to open a department store in which to pursue the most professionally what he had been in his last years.

They found in the GALLUZZO neighborhood an ideal place to build what they wanted to build.
In 1965, after a few years of work, the PESCI sales outlet was born. Inside, customers could find an incredible range of items ranging from clothing to jewelery from optics to electronics, from gardening to true love to ENZO, camping and everything that involves life in the open air.

In the 1980s, ENZO decided to expand the incidence of camping within the company and began an important partnership with the most important Italian companies operating in the field such as FERRINO and BERTONI.
It is years when ENZO has made clear that the future development of PESCI will have to cover a specific sector by offering maximum amplitude and depth of range and expanding its customer base to all of Italy.
In 1985, Paola , Enzo’s second daughter enter as a collaborator who despite his young age of stimulus and safety, transformed PESCI from a general storehouse to one of the first specialty stores for camping and outdoor products: PESCI Camping Store was born.
In 1990, ENZO passed away but the expertise and professionalism of PAOLA side by side in the administrative part of RENZO successfully succeeds and dedicates the way the father has taken.

In 2004, to meet the Group's expansion needs, was born: E-commerce begins the first steps in Italy, and PESCI is always at the forefront of a simple but functional site.
Thanks to the sudden and unexpected success of PESCI, in 2006, PESCI puts it into an ad hoc personal sales and web service and idea and creates a new, more functional and interactive website.
In 2008 to keep with their customers a direct and REAL relationship, it creates its own CATALOG with thousands of products: a success.

It is in 2010 that the turning point for the WEB market is born. The PESCI team idea and executes an ad hoc (PCS) management platform that makes it possible to create and move a higher order quantity.

In 2017, the launch of brings our fifty-year-old experience to the world stage.

The story is written every day by the thousands of customers who can make a dream come true.

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