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  • 1) We are committed to ensuring the lowest price of all products that appear on our websites.
  • 2) If before a purchase you find a better deal in another online store that is an authorized distributor, please contact us by indicating the price by clicking on the link that appears next to each product. We will evaluate it and let you know.
    Important: Online auction prices such as eBay, Yahoo Auction, etc. are not accepted. Sellers in online auction sites have no way of guaranteeing the authenticity of the merchandise.
  • 3) Product features must be TOTALLY equal to the item we offer including: Brand, Model, Reference and Version, Options, Size, Color, Availability, etc. ... and in terms of sale that may affect the final price as shipping costs, Promotional offers etc ...
  • 4) If you found a lower valid price you will receive a confirmation email, which would consist of a MINIMUM PRICE GUARANTEE code
  • 5) The code you receive via e-mail expires after 3 days.
  • If you have any doubts about the guaranteed minimum price, please contact us using the Customer Service Form. Our Customer Service will be happy to help you.

    Why do we do all this? How do we succeed?

    PESCI Camping Store is the leading company in ITALY for the sale of camping products, outdoor, travel.
    All PESCI TEAM performs its business in the best possible way, aiming at customer satisfaction.
    In our stores, on our websites, our Customer Service is impeccable: every day we receive compliments for service and for eventual solution to problems.
    The price, however, is important especially in the first purchase.
    All of our products are present in our warehouses. They are purchased or produced at the best selling conditions, thus limiting their purchase costs. Our warehouses allow us to store a lot of goods so that there is never a problem of upward fluctuation in the cost of the goods.
    All this is possible above all thanks to you! Sales numbers, over 125,000 customers over the last 3 years, allow us to compete on prices above the competition.
    We thank you, because all our efforts would be out of reach if we did not have the best products at the best prices. We therefore ask you to once again help us to let you save money



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